Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Day

Well we had our Annual Ice day in North Central Texas. School was originally suppose to start at 10am but they called it completely off about 9am. The roads and driveway were pretty bad but i came to work about 10:45 and it was better.
I had a great weekend. Saturday I got to go with my best friend Vicki to scrapbook. We have so much fun together! She makes me sin by taking me to Michael's and forcing me to by out of the $1 bin! And I make her sin by cussing. Because Crap is a cuss word you know. LOL I always ask her when she's mad do you want me to cuss for you? LOL We have the best group of friends. And we all have so much fun together.
On Sunday our family went to church. I love it when Chris doesn't have to go to work on Sunday. Church is so much better when we're there as a family. Our pastor preached a great sermon. God most definitely had an appointment with me. I've been praying for direction and peace about a decision I've been struggling with. I believe that God is in control of it. I've had peace about it , but I'm just a little scarred in my head about it too. That's always a hard place to be. At peace and scarred at the same time. Then we went to Braums for lunch, it's our Sunday hang out. Then we went home took and nap, and I had a birthday part to go to on Sunday afternoon, it was fun. I was dredding going home cause I had 14 loads of clothes to wash. When I got home Chris had been washing the whole time I was gone, and there were only 3 loads left to do. I was so happy. He's such a great husband most of the time. I love him dearly most of the time.LOL I went to my scrap room and finished some stuff I had been working on Saturday. I still have a lot of pictures from last year to scrap.
Today the computer was up and running so I downloaded a couple of pages I have done, one for a challenge the other for a contest. I got them emailed. Now I'm at work and as you can see I'm not doing much work. It's not fun!!!! I want to be home with all the other powell's. Daniel was up early and on his skateboard with no wheels going down the steep sidewalks on ice. Wish I had a picture of that! He and his friends had fun. Robert was still sleeping at 10:30 when I came to work. Amanda was curled up in her bed watching tv and talking to Josh. He was out of school today to. I left instructions with them to vacum and do laundry again. So we will see what the little "dears" get done. I guess that's about it. Tonight I'm going to try to work n this and make it more "fun"! Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Zebra Jacket Shirt

I'm so excited! Today during lunch I went shopping and got a couple of great deals!
I worked last night sorting pictures so I can know what I want to use on my scrapbook pages. Man I've got a lot to do to finish last years book. But when I get done it will be the best book i've done yet. That's exciting too. I think this year for Valentines I want to do something special with Chris. We never go out on dates or buy each other presents so i'm going to come up with something fun for us to do. Valentines is on saturday, so that will be the perfect day! :) Hope all of you are having a great day too!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

~Day Two~

Here is the next blog. I am trying to figure this thing out! LOL You would think as long as I've had a myspace and all things I've learned on there i'd be able to do this. Well that doesn't seem to be the story here. This is kinda like facebook, i never did really get that figured out. Today has been a fairly calm day. I called my friend at lunch and she was scrapbooking with our our other friends in our meet up group. I was lonely and then I was really lonely and wanted to be with all of them. So I went shopping for an hour and that was fun. It would have been better if I'd had someone to go with. I signed up for my first swap and I'm excited about that. It's a ribbon swap. I'll have some cool ribbon to use on my scrap book pages. Well I hope this comes out. I have no idea why the other one you have to highlight in order to see it. I don't know if I pushed a button or what. Talk to ya later.

My quote for today is: "Our pursuit of hapiness is accomplished when we make others happy." Douglas M. Lawson

Monday, January 12, 2009

~Day One~

Ok, Let me start by saying welcome to my blog! My name is Deanna, my close friends call me Dee. I am the mom of three teenagers. My daughter Amanda is 18 and senior in high school. Then I have twin sons Robert and Daniel they are almost 15 and will be going to high school in the fall. I am married to my high school sweetheart. We will have our 20th wedding anniversary this August. I work for an insurance agent and I cut hair. Daniel plays soccer, Amanda is Cosmetology, and Robert is a reader-gamer. We have a very busy life. Chris (my hubby) and I are active youth leaders in our church's youth group. I help direct VBS and am co-director of our major home mission trip call Down the Steet Week. I love to scrap book and I read when i have time. I don't watch much t.v..