Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday April 26,2009

I went to bed last night with a headache and woke up with it. UGH I hate that. I think it must be the wind.
Anyway Papa had called and wanted me to drive them out to Laurel Land to pick up the deeds to their plots. Not because it had to be done that very moment but because he couldn't wait on Marlena till Tuesday. We were suppose to be going to Ennis, but I just felt like if he asks I need to do stuff for them. Sorry, it's the people pleaser in me. Then he calls "you need to come check on your mother (my granny) she's crazy today." So needless to say spent several hours with them. He wasn't to happy that I wouldn't ta
ke them out to dinner but everyone was at home waiting on me so we could go.

We left and went to Ennis. Everyone was in a bad mood. Daniel and Robert fought half way there and Chris s
nored! Amanda and Josh were in his truck cause
we don't have a vehicle big enough to get us
all to one place at one ti
me. I told them they were going
to smile and be happy cause come hail or high water they were
getting their damn pictures made in the blue bonnets!!
We go to the visitors center to get our map of the trails and lady says i want ya'll to go a different way and uses this high lig
hter to mark up the map and then sends us off. We never did find the trails, and finally just stopped in these peoples drive way not on the trail and took pictures. I was afraid if we kept driving the sun was going to go down before we could get a picture. I was really disappointed. It just wasn't the way it was suppose to be. However by the time we got done everyone was laughing cause of their crazy mama. I will be my granny some day Chris will be calling our grandkids come see what's wrong with your crazy mother. We went back to Ennis cause Daniel had seen a skate park
that was open and he h
ad his board. He skated and the others
played on the swi
ngs. Then we went and ate dinner at this
cute Mexican grille outside on the patio. It turned out to be a
really nice day.
I did get a few good pics, and some really bad ones. LOL It's getting harder to get us all together for things like this. Everyone always has something else they'd rather be doing.
Josh doesn't get it at all! LOL He's not use to a mama that takes 20,000 pictures a year. ~JK~ (not really 20,000 or maybe more LOL) He was like lay in the blue bonnets? Are you sure that's what you want us to do. I was like yes that's what I want ! LOL Good Times Good Times!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I got my inchies done tonight. I have loved working on these. I did cross ones for April since I lost my April showers ones from last time when I got excited and did more than i needed to. I did cute graduation ones for May,
and for June I did Lady bugs, butterflies and a flower. I hope the girls love them.

*LOL guess what I found when I was finished! You guessed it the April showers ones I had lost. I'm crazy crazy crazy!!! Oh, well they will just get an extra set.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

March 26,2009 God knows our needs before we ask!

I know your wondering what a crazy picture for the title, right? Well this is the beginning of the many things I expect to see over the next several months as we prepare for Down the Street Week. DTSW is our home mission trip we do the last week of July. It's very HOT then and we do very hard work. We work on the homes of needy and elderly people. Paint, roof, clean-up, etc. For now I get to help as the co-director. Our Missions Pastor may fire me. But, I love this and think I always will! Missions are my passion.

As for this story it starts with Sarah our leader over lunches and snacks talking on March 4. She asked me if there was anything I could think of that we needed that we didn't have last year. I told her all I could think of is that we needed Gatorade. We also decided to start praying that God would provide more of the things we needed this year without us having to buy it. Last year we spent ten thousand dollars on five houses. This year we want to double the houses but not the cost. So anyway she says ok and agrees. That was that. Right? Not exactly, on Monday March 16 as I am driving to my mom and dads for spring break I get a call from a lady in our church wanting to ask some questions about DTSW. As we were talking it became very clear that God had her call me because she is this amazing prayer warrior. I personally had been praying he would send me someone that would own DTSW with their prayers and draw others to do the same. Linda is that person! God heard my prayer and answered with her. She tells me as were getting off the phone I may be calling a lot cause the TX. Baptist Men's Association may want to help in some way. (she works for them) I told her to call as much as she needed that we would take any help she could rake up.

Anyway about 2 hours later she calls again and says Deanna, we have 2 pallets of Gatorade and they want to know if we could use it for DTSW? I just laughed because it was clear to me at that very moment that God cares about what we care about. He answered our prayers again. At this point I was blown away. I just cried and praised him for loving us so much that he would provide for refreshment from the 120 degree Texas sun in July on march 16! We were blessed...On March 26th Sam, Chris, and I went to Dallas and picked up a pallet of Gatorade. I supervised because the little old men there at TxBMA wouldn't let me help. "I'm a girl" shhhhh,don't tell anyone!

They are such strong studly (LOL) men. At least to Krissi and I. I was very sad because I didn't bring my camera. The horror! I usually don't leave home without it. So these came from my very crappy phone camera. But hey at least I had something right. So anyway. We made it home without loosing any of the boxes, and once out of the site of "gentlemen" I got to help our studs unload 800 bottles of Gatorade into our storage building. There will be NO one without a drink this year. God is always working!
Here it is all loaded up and ready to be moved again as soon as we get our building out at the church.

Thank you Father that you know our needs before we voice them and that you provide for your children!

"love your neighbor as yourself"


It was so beautiful today! I went outside and my Azalea's were so pretty. Last year when I planted them I wasn't sure they'd make it here cause the ground really isn't acidic enough for them. I've been giving them special food for a year now and they are gorgeous. I love Azalea's, and today was the reason spring is such a beautiful time of year. Everything is getting green, including the car, and the flowers are blooming. Welcome to Texas! Hold on it could still snow. We aren't to Easter yet!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

No Sleep!

~Yes, Krissi I was talking about you. I'm glad you can read it. LOL ~

I'm so tired tonight, I did work on the slide show. I've got from the birth to 1997 (about 125 pictures) on it and the music (5 songs). I worked on it last night from 9 until 2 am. Then worked at the salon today. I donated 2 hair cuts and styles for the Burleson Gala yesterday. Today I had a lady come in to see about getting her hair done because she saw i had made a donation. That's pretty cool! I'm going to keep on keeping on God is blessing things like that.
Ya'll pray for my friend Stuart. His daughter Nicole is 21 and has a very rare cancer. She will probably be gone before summer unless God heals her. Her husband is not a Christian and he is really struggling. His name is Josh. They have a baby that just turned one. Stuart lost his 16 year old step daughter a year and a half ago in a bad car wreck, then his wife went crazy from the loss of her child and she divorced him. They are all in a lot of pain and grief so i just ask for prayers.
Amanda is at skills usa. (like UIL) but it's for technical programs. She says they are staying in the ghetto in a no tale motel. I asked her it there was a flashing sign that said you could pay by the hour. She laughed and said probably. They had to go buy flip flops so the could take a shower!! Then they got in their bed and there was a HAIR and not the kind on your head!! The worst thing about it is her teacher has been there before and told the girls oh it's not bad!! Ok, here's your sign!
So there ya have it my day in a nut shell. I had to go to the funeral of a dear man i loved today. So it's been a long day. I think i'm off to the clean powell shower and my bed.
Hugs and kisses, ~Dee~