Wednesday, April 8, 2009

March 26,2009 God knows our needs before we ask!

I know your wondering what a crazy picture for the title, right? Well this is the beginning of the many things I expect to see over the next several months as we prepare for Down the Street Week. DTSW is our home mission trip we do the last week of July. It's very HOT then and we do very hard work. We work on the homes of needy and elderly people. Paint, roof, clean-up, etc. For now I get to help as the co-director. Our Missions Pastor may fire me. But, I love this and think I always will! Missions are my passion.

As for this story it starts with Sarah our leader over lunches and snacks talking on March 4. She asked me if there was anything I could think of that we needed that we didn't have last year. I told her all I could think of is that we needed Gatorade. We also decided to start praying that God would provide more of the things we needed this year without us having to buy it. Last year we spent ten thousand dollars on five houses. This year we want to double the houses but not the cost. So anyway she says ok and agrees. That was that. Right? Not exactly, on Monday March 16 as I am driving to my mom and dads for spring break I get a call from a lady in our church wanting to ask some questions about DTSW. As we were talking it became very clear that God had her call me because she is this amazing prayer warrior. I personally had been praying he would send me someone that would own DTSW with their prayers and draw others to do the same. Linda is that person! God heard my prayer and answered with her. She tells me as were getting off the phone I may be calling a lot cause the TX. Baptist Men's Association may want to help in some way. (she works for them) I told her to call as much as she needed that we would take any help she could rake up.

Anyway about 2 hours later she calls again and says Deanna, we have 2 pallets of Gatorade and they want to know if we could use it for DTSW? I just laughed because it was clear to me at that very moment that God cares about what we care about. He answered our prayers again. At this point I was blown away. I just cried and praised him for loving us so much that he would provide for refreshment from the 120 degree Texas sun in July on march 16! We were blessed...On March 26th Sam, Chris, and I went to Dallas and picked up a pallet of Gatorade. I supervised because the little old men there at TxBMA wouldn't let me help. "I'm a girl" shhhhh,don't tell anyone!

They are such strong studly (LOL) men. At least to Krissi and I. I was very sad because I didn't bring my camera. The horror! I usually don't leave home without it. So these came from my very crappy phone camera. But hey at least I had something right. So anyway. We made it home without loosing any of the boxes, and once out of the site of "gentlemen" I got to help our studs unload 800 bottles of Gatorade into our storage building. There will be NO one without a drink this year. God is always working!
Here it is all loaded up and ready to be moved again as soon as we get our building out at the church.

Thank you Father that you know our needs before we voice them and that you provide for your children!

"love your neighbor as yourself"


  1. wow Deanna! That is so awesome

  2. Hey Mama, I was really hoping you had an idea of how to make it look cute...?
    Mostly I want you to wash it and dry it :D I love that.
    And we might have to work on my face *points to*
    Whatever you think, I'm not good at hair, I just want it to look cute lol!! :D
    Luv ya lots.

  3. Hi, I just stumbled on your blog while working on a homeschooling article. I thought I'd pipe in to say that I this is a pretty cool project your church is doing. Keep up the good work.
    Naomi Musch