Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A little late!

Ok so yeah I've been so busy I didn't take time to blog. I'm sad cause I've had lots going on and wanted to blog about it. You know I have a good friend that is an English teacher that reads these blogs, and dang it if I can't spell and make proper sentences. I'm so glad your not grading these! I'd be in a heap of trouble. Well maybe tomorrow I'll try to catch up and work on Manda's slide show for her graduation party we're having. I can't believe my baby is graduating in just a few short weeks. I think she's amazing!
Update, I still love my job! It's great. I had the first of my return customers, it's been six weeks. I just believe God is going to continue to bless this. I believe he has led me this far and will continue. Keep praying me customers. Hugs and kisses!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Well I went and got grociers today. $144.00 worth. I didn't buy anything you can't eat and still didn't get everything on my list but ran out of money. I'm sick of money and bills! I got fruit washed it and put it in bowls in the fridge so it looks pretty when you open the fridge. My WW leader had given us that idea when I was still going. Keep fruit handy so you can grab it instead of bad stuff. Their grabbing it. So it won't last long.
I got the last load of laundry done. It's a good thing because I'm now out of detergent. I didn't get anything else done. I had to go clean for a lady this morning, and by the time I got home it was time to take the boys to the dentist. Then go to the store, come home cook dinner, go get dog food, and clippers, cut Chris's hair, clean up kitchen and now here i am on here. I'm fixing to check my face book and then i'm going to bed early. I'm really tired tonight and I just feel really stressed out. Maybe I will rest and tomorrow will be a new day!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Ok, so no I haven't read the books! Robert has been begging me to please read the books and I just really didn't want to. But anyway we watched the movie on Saturday morning at like 1:30 in the morning. So yeah I stayed up with all of them. Amanda and Nicole had gone to wal-hell at midnight so Nicole could buy it. So when they made it home I finished my pages I was working on, brushed my teeth, and settled in to watch with them thinking oh yeah i really doubt I'll like this. My mind is changed and as soon as we finish Crazy Love and a couple of other books i had started I'm going to read those. I'm not good at multi-booking. Another Deanna word. It is one of the things I admire about Robert. He can read 5 books at one time and keep it all straight in his head. I'm just not that way. I can only concentrate on one thing at time. Back to the movie it was great, can't wait to fill in all the details that you don't get in a movie that make books so much better. I am a twilighter! Just a little side note, Edward is pretty sexy in a teenager vampire kinda way. LOL Now I know why the girls are so in love. He can be the bad boy hero!


So I had the most amazing day today. It was one of those worshipful days. Is that a word? Anyway you either know what I'm talking about or not. Church was just awesome. God was there and I felt him. Then after church we went and grabbed lunch. We were suppose to be going to the Botanical Gardens to take pictures and spend the afternoon as a "family"! Well I guess you've already figured out by the sound of my voice we didn't. LOL Those ingrates we call teenagers put a kink in things. So I was mad that they were ruining my worshipful day and I let God know they were making me very mad. Anyway we came home and I started cleaning. Not just your normal cleaning. Oh no, it started with I'd straighten the pantry. Then that turned into throwing away stuff, that led to washing the floor and baseboards, that led to going through the shelves, that led to me making boxes to put sprinkles and jello in, that led to cleaning out the fridge, that led to washing down cabinet fronts that led to getting rid of clutter, that led to cleaning off the top of the fridge, that led to wiping down stuff on top of the cabinets, that led to mopping floors, that led to a beautifully clean kitchen 7 hours later! Ahhh, ocd can be a good thing! Now if those same ingrates that made me mad could only clean up after their selves. What a world it would be. As you can see the kids are right there is nothing to eat in this house!! Well if I were single there would be one meal. Diet Coke, tuna, applesauce, and grapes! To bad there are 4 other people that want to eat too. Dang now i have to go to Wal-Hell! I hate that place that's why there are no groceries. Oh well such is life.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Scrapbook layouts

This is my layout I did while Vicki was driving home. It's my pictures of the roses Chris bought me for Valentines day. I think it's beautiful. He bought them just because they where purple and that's my favorite color. He's so sweet. I'm going to put it in a contest so go vote at Rockin R. I also did this one of Amanda's flowers Josh got her. They were beautiful too.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


So I spent the week with my mom and daddy. We had such a great time. I spent it pretty equal between the two. Half the time in the shop with my daddy and the other in the house with my mama. The kids get bored but I love it. It cracked me up on Tuesday my mom started dinner at 4pm! Amanda is pointing and asking me is she starting dinner? I said yes and she said why? I said um I'm really not sure. We ate at 7! She made spaghetti with macaroni noodles because she was out of spaghetti noodles and the nearest grocerie store is 30 minutes away. I'm not kidding I could have made that dinner in 30 minutes. I think she may be turning into a turtle too!!! NO NO NO not yet. God help us all. So anyway I'll add pictures and more. I had a wonderful time and I'm so glad I went.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I love this weather!!!!

I love us all going to church together as a family. I love Chris being off on Sunday. I love this weather!!! I love the sound of the birds singing, the children playing, and my sweet boy's laughing. I love the smell of fresh cut grass, and the look of the flowerbeds freshly cleaned out. I love the sun staying up longer. I love that it all happened on Sunday. My favorite day of the week. This has been the best day. A day of worship, and all these other things. We are so blessed!
Daniel and his bf Robbie have had a blast today playing air soft wars. I'm so glad to see Daniel laughing and having fun. I've missed it! Thank you God for a wonderful day.