Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A little late!

Ok so yeah I've been so busy I didn't take time to blog. I'm sad cause I've had lots going on and wanted to blog about it. You know I have a good friend that is an English teacher that reads these blogs, and dang it if I can't spell and make proper sentences. I'm so glad your not grading these! I'd be in a heap of trouble. Well maybe tomorrow I'll try to catch up and work on Manda's slide show for her graduation party we're having. I can't believe my baby is graduating in just a few short weeks. I think she's amazing!
Update, I still love my job! It's great. I had the first of my return customers, it's been six weeks. I just believe God is going to continue to bless this. I believe he has led me this far and will continue. Keep praying me customers. Hugs and kisses!

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  1. If I'm the English teacher you're referring to ... Oh, please! I don't even like grading my own schoolwork. Why would I judge your blog?? Ha! As long as I can tell what it says, we're good. LOL. I'm so proud of Amanda, too - weird for her to be leaving our youth group in a matter of months!