Sunday, March 22, 2009


So I had the most amazing day today. It was one of those worshipful days. Is that a word? Anyway you either know what I'm talking about or not. Church was just awesome. God was there and I felt him. Then after church we went and grabbed lunch. We were suppose to be going to the Botanical Gardens to take pictures and spend the afternoon as a "family"! Well I guess you've already figured out by the sound of my voice we didn't. LOL Those ingrates we call teenagers put a kink in things. So I was mad that they were ruining my worshipful day and I let God know they were making me very mad. Anyway we came home and I started cleaning. Not just your normal cleaning. Oh no, it started with I'd straighten the pantry. Then that turned into throwing away stuff, that led to washing the floor and baseboards, that led to going through the shelves, that led to me making boxes to put sprinkles and jello in, that led to cleaning out the fridge, that led to washing down cabinet fronts that led to getting rid of clutter, that led to cleaning off the top of the fridge, that led to wiping down stuff on top of the cabinets, that led to mopping floors, that led to a beautifully clean kitchen 7 hours later! Ahhh, ocd can be a good thing! Now if those same ingrates that made me mad could only clean up after their selves. What a world it would be. As you can see the kids are right there is nothing to eat in this house!! Well if I were single there would be one meal. Diet Coke, tuna, applesauce, and grapes! To bad there are 4 other people that want to eat too. Dang now i have to go to Wal-Hell! I hate that place that's why there are no groceries. Oh well such is life.

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  1. Next time they make you mad- can you come to my house? lol