Sunday, March 22, 2009


Ok, so no I haven't read the books! Robert has been begging me to please read the books and I just really didn't want to. But anyway we watched the movie on Saturday morning at like 1:30 in the morning. So yeah I stayed up with all of them. Amanda and Nicole had gone to wal-hell at midnight so Nicole could buy it. So when they made it home I finished my pages I was working on, brushed my teeth, and settled in to watch with them thinking oh yeah i really doubt I'll like this. My mind is changed and as soon as we finish Crazy Love and a couple of other books i had started I'm going to read those. I'm not good at multi-booking. Another Deanna word. It is one of the things I admire about Robert. He can read 5 books at one time and keep it all straight in his head. I'm just not that way. I can only concentrate on one thing at time. Back to the movie it was great, can't wait to fill in all the details that you don't get in a movie that make books so much better. I am a twilighter! Just a little side note, Edward is pretty sexy in a teenager vampire kinda way. LOL Now I know why the girls are so in love. He can be the bad boy hero!

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  1. LOL - welcome to the bandwagon! I'm kind of starting to fall off, but I'm glad you are interested ... and even more surprised that the movie was what did it for you. haha. Anyway ... they are fun books to read (no matter what age!)