Monday, March 23, 2009


Well I went and got grociers today. $144.00 worth. I didn't buy anything you can't eat and still didn't get everything on my list but ran out of money. I'm sick of money and bills! I got fruit washed it and put it in bowls in the fridge so it looks pretty when you open the fridge. My WW leader had given us that idea when I was still going. Keep fruit handy so you can grab it instead of bad stuff. Their grabbing it. So it won't last long.
I got the last load of laundry done. It's a good thing because I'm now out of detergent. I didn't get anything else done. I had to go clean for a lady this morning, and by the time I got home it was time to take the boys to the dentist. Then go to the store, come home cook dinner, go get dog food, and clippers, cut Chris's hair, clean up kitchen and now here i am on here. I'm fixing to check my face book and then i'm going to bed early. I'm really tired tonight and I just feel really stressed out. Maybe I will rest and tomorrow will be a new day!

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