Thursday, April 2, 2009

No Sleep!

~Yes, Krissi I was talking about you. I'm glad you can read it. LOL ~

I'm so tired tonight, I did work on the slide show. I've got from the birth to 1997 (about 125 pictures) on it and the music (5 songs). I worked on it last night from 9 until 2 am. Then worked at the salon today. I donated 2 hair cuts and styles for the Burleson Gala yesterday. Today I had a lady come in to see about getting her hair done because she saw i had made a donation. That's pretty cool! I'm going to keep on keeping on God is blessing things like that.
Ya'll pray for my friend Stuart. His daughter Nicole is 21 and has a very rare cancer. She will probably be gone before summer unless God heals her. Her husband is not a Christian and he is really struggling. His name is Josh. They have a baby that just turned one. Stuart lost his 16 year old step daughter a year and a half ago in a bad car wreck, then his wife went crazy from the loss of her child and she divorced him. They are all in a lot of pain and grief so i just ask for prayers.
Amanda is at skills usa. (like UIL) but it's for technical programs. She says they are staying in the ghetto in a no tale motel. I asked her it there was a flashing sign that said you could pay by the hour. She laughed and said probably. They had to go buy flip flops so the could take a shower!! Then they got in their bed and there was a HAIR and not the kind on your head!! The worst thing about it is her teacher has been there before and told the girls oh it's not bad!! Ok, here's your sign!
So there ya have it my day in a nut shell. I had to go to the funeral of a dear man i loved today. So it's been a long day. I think i'm off to the clean powell shower and my bed.
Hugs and kisses, ~Dee~

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