Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years!

Well here we are at the end of 2009. This has been an exciting and at moments frustrating year. I am so thankful for our family and for the fact that God love us so much that he has seen us through changes and still blessed us. We are being changed by him daily. Chris is still working when so many aren't and we are greatful for that. My buisness changed some but it is still fun and I love it so much. We still have our parents and my grandparents and for that I am thankful. The kids have made it through the first semester of school without to much trouble. I am very proud of our family.
I am thankful for great friends. We are so blessed to have such sweet friends. I am thankful for our church family. Even when we don't agree with what's going on we all still love each other. We are blessed to be part of family that wants the light spread across the world. I am thankful to be an American where I do know I am free. There is no one that can force me to say Happy Holidays or take my Savior away from me unless I allow them to; and won't allow them to.
As the new year comes I hope to grow into the woman God wants me to be, and to really de~clutter my house and my life. Clutter that drags me down, and clutter that makes continual messes. LOL I'm just so sick of stuff! Wanting more stuff, when we have closets full of stuff. I think it's time to pretend like we're moving and get rid of a bunch of crap. As for me on the inside it's past time to declutter; i need to get rid of the things that drawl me away from God and change my focus. It's time for fresh start on the inside that leaks to the outside.
This all kinda sounds like new years resolutions but I don't normally make those, these are just the things I feel like God is telling me to do. So I plan to start as soon as my babies are back in school. If you read this and wonder what the heck. I'm sorry this is just where I am tonight. Happy New Year!

Watch over our family and friends. Lord, thank you for blessings we never deserved. Thank you that you love us more than we can imagine. God draw us near to you and help us to love you and know you more everyday. Continue the work you have started in us. God thank you for Jesus and that we have a way to you thru him. Jesus thank you that you left heaven to come make a way for us to get to heaven. Father, keep our family safe send your angels to protect them. Our children and our parents. God strenghten us so that whatever trials come our way in the new year with your help we will respond the right way. God I love you and I want to be the woman you want me to be.
I ask this in Jesus precious name,

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  1. I like that... DECLUTTER! I might make that my personal theme, too. :) Thanks for sharing, Dee. Love you!