Thursday, May 20, 2010


I can not believe it's been since December since I wrote anything. Lets see, our year started with a bang on January 2 we found out we had to move in March. If was very traumatic. Then on February 1st my precious baby Clyde, our 7 year old rottweiler died. More trauma for the mama. He was my baby.
We are renting a such smaller house with no place for me to scrap book that has been very hard. I kinda feel like I've lost my friends and all creativeness i ever had. I'm sure it's all me. I'm just not my self, but i am definitely better than I was two months ago.
LOL I guess I got to Declutter cause there's not enough room in this house for all that crap. I really miss my big house. I know God has a different plan for us and no matter where we are we are home. It's where our stuff is and our family is all together. In the end that's all that matters. Our family is healthy and Chris is still working. We are blessed. We are so ready for summer!!! The kids are and so am I.

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