Saturday, February 7, 2009

Good Times

OMGosh! Last night Vee came and got me and we went to our friend Tammy's house. Tammy needed some cheering up and we all three talked, laughed, and scrapbooked. It was so much fun! I got 11 pages done and I never get that much done. But, I was on a roll. We got to her house about 6:15pm, I don't think Vee really got going until about 10 "that's her good hours", and the closer it got to midnight the more hair~larious things got. Paper was a fly~in. Then we realized it was 2! Vee and I started loading our stuff up. We left headed back to my house and then she went on home. It was so much fun, we had laughed until we nearly cried. It was AMAZING!!! I got in bed about 3:30 and then up about 8:30. I had hair to do this morning. Now I'm hungry and sleepy and my next appointment should be here any minute. Ahhhh life is good. I am so blessed that God has given me a wonderful husband that lets me go play with my friends, and great girlfriends that love their husbands and love God. We have so much fun and we don't even DRINK. Imagine that?


  1. I heard ya'll had a great time...and WOW you got tons done. I can so identify with you "we don't even drink"....we always feel like the "oddballs" with some friends...cause we don't drink and don't really think there is any need!

  2. Ok, that may be in the top ten worst pictures of me ever! But I was having a great time and laughing hysterically-so it's all good!