Monday, February 23, 2009

Salon Day

Today was such a fun day. My mom has been here all week, for the first time since I started working last year I have actually got to see her. We went shopping on Wednesday for just a bit. She loves the half price book store so we went there. I got this adorable little book called big hair! It is so cute. I has all these hairstyles from the 70's and 80's LOL!!!! Can you say OMGosh, there is some CRAZY hair in it. That's a story for another day. We just ran around for a bit and talked. Then today not"1-2-2004" but 2- 19-2009 she brought my granny in for me to give her a hair cut and style. Then I did mama's hair too. I asked her to take pictures of me since no one up here is scraps like "me". So she did, then one of the girls took one of the three of us. It's not very good, I have a dumb smile on my face, but it's precious to me because my mom and granny are in it. My granny asked me 6 times about this cross picture I have on my station. Can you take that cross off there and wear it for a necklace? No granny it's an antique that is mounted in the frame. Aunt Karisa bought it for me. Oh, sometimes I wonder if I'm going to be just like her? Probably! Chris already calls me Tommie half the time. Because I ask him things more than once. I keep telling him it's because I have so much racing through my brain! It was a wonderful day. I have been so blessed, God has given me the most wonderful gifts in my parents and grandparents. Thank you Lord for them.

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