Thursday, February 12, 2009

The New Adventure Begins!

Well tonight I went and put some of my stuff in up in my station. I am so excited. These aren't the greatest pictures but I had to have something to mark the day. I feel like I'm in a dream that started 20 years ago. It's truly amazing! Manda and Robert went with me, before we left I said would ya'll come over here and pray with me. I didn't expect them to pray I just wanted them to be with me. I finished my prayer and Amanda started praying, it was so beautiful, she prayed God would help me confident that I knew what I needed to know to do my job, it was so beautiful, and then Robert prayed and he prayed God would send me the exact people he wanted and that they would be blessed and happy when they left. I cried because it was such an amazing thing to have your children pray over you. Amanda told me yesterday she was so proud of me. It was a strange feeling to hear your child say they are proud of you. It's really indescribable. I am blessed!


  1. You are blessed and a blessing to us! Your children are amazing. I'm so exited for you! And don't you look sassy in your new salon!
    Love ya,

  2. It's so pretty inside ... and the prayer thing is just another way you remind me of my mom -- she always did that with us (and still does) - I think it's one of the reasons I am so comfortable praying aloud with people; we always did it in my home ... good for you, Mommy! :) I am so proud of you and can't wait to hear more about how it's going. Love ya!