Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Fun

We had a great weekend. It had started with some dread. This was our Disciple Now Weekend. We were a host home. At first we were going to have the boys group at our house, I really wanted them to be here. Daniel has been on restrictions and I wanted to keep him close, but Sam thought him and Robert weren't getting the DNow experience being at home. So I reluctantly agreed. On the flip side of the agreement was our 7th & 8th grade boys. OMGosh! There are a couple of them that I just thought I couldn't stand. Well it turned out they are all just precious. Chris and I had the opportunity to get close to a new group of boys that need a lot of love. It really was a refreshing time and I had so much fun with them. We had the same college boys that were here last year and I love them dearly. Our boys and Manda had a great time with their groups. God spoke to each of them and they came home renewed and excited. Amanda said it was the best DNow she's been to. I think she says that every year! LOL However, I am glad since this is her last one that it was great. I was really tired but even I feel refreshed and have seen the face of God this weekend. I am so thankful for all God has done for us and all He continues to do. We so don't deserve it!
With that said tomorrow starts a new adventure in my life! It's crazy because I'm at peace in my heart and I feel God's leading but in my head I hear all the reasoning why this decision is dumb. I know in my own life that is how satan works. He uses my emotions to get me off track. So, now that I've recognized that every time something pops in my head that's telling me don't do this I just tell God I trust you not me. I am turning in my two week notice and going to work in a Salon doing hair! I haven't been in the salon in a long time. I've always done hair just not in a salon. I've taken a couple of classes just to get some new ideas, and I am so excited. I am a little stressed about the notice thing. I really need to work for the next two weeks so I can buy some things I need for the salon, and pay a couple of bills. I know that God is leading this so I know he will provide for us. I also know I need to be able to make money to pay the lease, and make a paycheck. If all of you pray for me as I make this change it would mean the world to me. I just need patience and wisdom from God, encouragement, and help. This really is like a dream. I can not wait to see what God is going to do. It also allows me to be way more flexible, that way I can work with Sam on our summer mission trip "Down the Street Week", and work with David on VBS, and still be around for the boys this summer. We've just had so much happen I just need to be home more! They don't need a baby sitter, but they need mom to know what's going on and where they are. Well I think that's about it!

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