Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

~Well here it is the first day of the dream~

I had a great first day in the Salon. I went to Armstrong McCall at 8:30 because I forgot to go get hair product! LOL A hairdresser without Mousse' the horror!!! Hmm that could be the title of a scary movie! Anyway back on earth. Austin Pyles was my first client and he arrived right on time at 10am. I started cutting hair and worked until 2:40 "not just on him" I did 8 haircuts and styles. They were all my clients so I didn't have time to do any walk ins, there were 5 walk ins the receptionist said. It was the most amazing day! God's approval was definitely on this day. I came home a little tired but so excited. It was perfect! I seriously could not have asked for more.

Happy Valentine's Day

I must say sometimes I look at Chris and wonder how long have you known me, like 22 years and yet do you know me? And then other times it's as if he reads my mind. He is my best friend and I love him more today than I did on our first Valentines 21 years ago. This year I walked into our room and on my night stand sat a vase full of one dozen purple roses. My favorite color! They were beautiful. He told me he was looking at red roses and just happened to see those. He said I thought to myself, in 20 years I've bought flowers but never purple roses and that's her favorite color and flower so that's what I'm getting today. He does get it most of the time!

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