Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Great Hair Day!!!!

It's so AMAZING to have a hairdresser in the family!!! I went to school today and Amanda waxed my eyebrows and cut and styled my hair. I just wish I had been going and getting this caterpillars above my eyes done all along! LOL I had not been waxed since I was in cosmo. I just pluck and pluck! It's yuck and it hurts way more!!!!! Then she did the most amazing haircut so far and if i don't say so myself i look pretty darn cute :) :) :) I love that girl and I'm so proud of her. She has 4 hours left and she will be done with hours and ready to go to state board. WOW time has flown, this weekend she is going to SKILLS it's like UIL for technical school kids. I hope our girls do great. Go ELKS!!!! Oh, it's been such a great day. I'm so happy I love my new job!


  1. wow your cut and style look great! I think it is too cool yall share that tallent