Sunday, February 15, 2009

~Valentine Tradtions~

I love precious moments that seem like they get caught in time and you can hold onto them as long as your mind will let you. One of the things we've always done is on Valentine's Day I made a fancy dinner and we gave the kids a card that reminded them how much we loved them. Chris and I have just never done presents for each other much. So this was our way of having a nice date without having to have a baby sitter and spending a bunch. I get out the most beautiful china ever it was my mom's my beautiful crystal that was my granny's sat on the table this year for the first time. We use to drink out of fancy glasses but I only have 5 and now our family has grown. I decorate with candles and hearts. It's just one of those precious moments full of memories. Well with everyone being gone yesterday doing their own thing I decided to wait and have our fancy dinner tonight when Josh could be there. Then it turned out Mari and Ryan were here. Of course there's always plenty at this house. As we sat and I listened to Chris pray for them and watched them laugh it was so truly amazing. I don't know why God has chose to bless us like he has but there are just those awe moments that are almost indescribable. Tonight was one and in church this morning was one too. The music was perfect, the speaker fantastic. This has been such a great day. As the kids grow and things change sometimes it's hard for me to let go, but tonight I realized I don't have to let go, I just have to be flexible. The kids that were extras said my mom hasn't ever done anything like this. We couldn't have gone out and had this nice of dinner or so much fun. That is what I want more than anything for every person that comes to this house to know that love lives here, and they will always have a place to go if they need something. This isn't ours anyway it's Gods. He's just blessed us with it for a time such as this.

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