Sunday, February 15, 2009

Last Day ~ New Day

February 13, 2009
Well today was my last day at State Farm, it was bitter sweet. It's sweet because I'm getting to try my dream. It's a "little" bitter because I've made a bond with the girls I work with. They are sweet and we spent a lot of time together so we know each other. They are so funny, Alison sent Jeannie to On the Border to pick up lunch for us. Well, Jeannie told me she was going to Mexican Inn to take a pen holder and some pens for advertising and then she was going home for lunch. So then about 11:30 she walks in and I said I thought you were going to lunch when you got done, and she looked at me with this blank look and said oh yeah I was. I just thought she was being dingy! "sounded like something I'd do" Oh no she had gone and got the lunch and forgot what she told me. She was lieing!!!! We had a great lunch, we laughed and talked. Keri made me a cake. It was so sweet and they all chipped in and gave me a $30 gift card to Sally's. I do the whole office's hair so I will get to still see them. We had a nice day. Art was gone. LOL
Then after work I went and got Vee and we went to Keller to scrap with our girls in our meet up group. It was another fun Friday night. I was taking my stuff to the car and Chris says so where are you off to? I said my once a month scrap night at Angie's house. He said so last Friday was your once a month scrap night at Tammy's, and next week will be your once a month scrap night at Vicki's? I laughed and said well maybe they will come to our house, I'm sorry you have no friends to scrap with. He looked at me and with the most serious face says well how am I suppose to feed all these kids? "his car is a two seat er" I said well I guess you ask them what they want and go get and bring it home, eat a sandwich, or order pizza. He said oh, yeah ok well have fun. I smiled and said I will. Bye. It was so funny. If I die ya'll better come take care of him!!!!! I'm not sure he could function.

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